Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tech in Toys

All these electronic trick sounds used to be in a (bigger sized) remote controlled car. Now they are even available in a small sized scale model. Incredible, the various effects in such a tiny package and`essentially manual plaything. the model is well-made too!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't Design Chairs...Or Do.

Chair Design: A 101 class subject in every design school. It is a good design exercise in terms of form and functionality, and also in crafting something new, from an item so common, so useful, and truth-be-told, overly done.

It does help train a student to pay attention to Design History. If you don't read up, chances are somebody would have done the same thing before. That would be most embarrassing for any designer. The design may not be of the same material - as each era has its own innovation - but the mechanics could still be the same.

A chair as a design subject is also convenient as the size is pretty much quite the same. And there are ergonomic principles involved.

Then again maybe not. A chair could just be a flat bum seat.

In any case, I can see the point why these two designers (see video below) are asking folks not to waste time designing chairs. There are already too many of them! Get students to think of other things than just chairsm is what they are asking. But what?

Something topical, something green? Something portable, something stowable? How about something more eclectic such as executive office chairs? They combine form and function, material use, ergonomics, a modern statement, and probable mechanicals.

The list goes on.....(See the next video on the many types of chairs there are!)

Well, besides chairs, a student designer could look at shoes and say the same thing. In the end, it is just an exercise to encourage students to think out-of-the-box and be creative!

Maybe something creative for the disabled?

(1) Don't design chairs video: Link here

(2) Various chair designs: Link here

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hair Clip Pen

Saw this at a pasar malam (night market). And why would this be a good idea? Undo your hair to write something???

Here's another clip pen. You press one end for the pen nib to come out. You then press the clip handles to retract. But wouldn't that simply release everything under the clip?

I guess this would be rather useful in the end. A pen that holds stuff and at the same time provide a writing instrument!

Quite useful with a clipboard, even as an auxiliary clip.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Ventura and Braun Digital Watches

When I first saw this, I though the design was sweet. Then I discover that it was bastardized from a Ventura original that Braun had OEM in hopes of reviving its brand. It's a dangerous act. One, it can made Braun look desperate and second best. You can see that the original design had better ergonomic sense: it's surface is angled for a better viewing angle. This so-called BN-10 model can still work even without the ergonomics, only if it's flatter surface is small enuf to fit on the wrist. The original Ventura design (the V-tec Delta) also tries to break the flat surface symmetry of both the watch and wrist. For me, the design does work. 

Man-made Oyster

Man has learnt to imitate the natural process in which an oyster shell gets its psychedelic sheen. It begs to wonder what other natural surfaces the same technique can be used to 'grow'. Perhaps naturally on sides of buildings, rocks, etc. Gemstones next? (Pix: Real Mother of Pearl (left); man-grown specimen) Original news from Gizmag.

Combination Guns and Knifes

While researching for a new handphone cover, I came across these. An anti-stabbing knife, a 3-in-1 personal weapon, a knife and blow pipe, and some compact tools. Makes you wonder about being compact/effective that packs a punch....kinda like a Jet Li. (seen at

iPhone Coffee Table

At first looks, not terribly innovative. But this coffee table uses popular iPhone icons as coasters.

More here. Creative Coffee Tables